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Christ The Messiah Lesson #11 Isaiah 52:13-53:12 S.C.O.P.E For November 15, 2020

Christ The Messiah Download Lesson Here! Lesson 11 PowerPoint   Text: Isaiah 52:13-53:12 Subject: Christ Central Theme: Christ the Messiah   Objective sentence: Every person can recognize Christ as Messiah by understanding 5 predictions about His first coming. Key Word: Predictions.   Hook Connection: The predictions of the Old Testament about Jesus’ first and second comings are…

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Revealing Christ’s Mission Isaiah 49:1-7 Lesson #10 S.C.O.P.E. November 8, 2020

  Session 10- Revealing Christ’s Mission                                                                         Isaiah 49:1-7   Subject:  Mission Central Theme:  Revealing Christ’s Mission Objective Sentence:  We can have confidence in Christ’s Mission to the Nations by seeing three aspects of His mission revealed in Isaiah 49:1-7 Keyword:  Aspect Aspect #1- The Parties of the Mission. (v.1-3) Aspect #2- The Servant…

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Prioritizing God Isaiah 46:1-13 Lesson #9 S.C.O.P.E Lesson November 1, 2020

  Isaiah 46:1-13 Subject:  God Central Theme: Prioritizing God   Objective Sentence:  We should prioritize God over idols because of 3 contrasts made in Isaiah 46. Keyword:  Contrast Contrast #1- Idols are carried by their worshippers. God carries His worshippers. v.1-7. Contrast #2- Idols cannot work. God is at work. v.7-11 Contrast #3- Idols cannot…

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Finding Strength In God, Lesson #8 Isaiah 40:18-31 October 25, 2020

  Subject:  Strength  Central Theme:  Source of Strength     Objective Sentence:  We should find our strength in God for three reasons. Keyword:  Reasons 1.  Our God is alive.  (v.18-20) 2.  Our God is Creator. (v.21-26) 3.  Our God is Sustainer. (v.27-31) Introduction: Why do you live the way you do? How do you live the way…

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Trusting God In Prayer, Lesson 7 October 18, 2020 Isaiah 37:14-20, 30-35

  Ben Jennings provides this weeks Lesson from Isaiah 37.   Subject:  Trusting God Central Theme:  Trusting God through Prayer Objective Sentence:  We can trust God through prayer by observing four patterns experienced by Hezekiah. Keyword:  Patterns Pattern #1- Taking our problem to God. (v.14-15) Pattern #2- Thinking rightly about God. (v.16-17) Pattern #3- Thinking rightly…

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